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Domain Names Defined

What is a domain? Your domain name is the entryway to your website. Without it, your website will be isolated from the Internet world. To secure your place on the World Wide Web, the most influential community we know these days, you should choose a domain that best portrays your personal or corporate profile and that will work for its popularization. The more appealing and memorable domain name you choose, the more people will turn up on your website's doorstep to visit you.

It is Good to be Aware that...

Domain names and website hosting services invariably go together. Without a website hosting service, the domain names themselves will be just... trivial names. A domain name has value insofar as it is associated with a website, which is made visible online owing to a specific hosting service (shared, VPS or dedicated). To make a long story short, this process is called 'domain name web hosting'.

Domain Name Administration Options

gives you the opportunity to register almost any universal or country-specific domain. All web hosting plans provided by include the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel and the Control Panel-incorporated Domain Manager tool, which offers identity protection and domain parking options. You will be able to add custom DNS records and to edit your WHOIS information. If you decide to register any of the universal Top-Level Domains, you will be able to benefit from the cost-free domain registration option offered by all shared web hosting packages. Plus, you will have the ability to register multiple domain names and to manage them from a single place.